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The exclusive manufacturer of hand-crafted custom club rosettes is Dexter Rosettes of Pennsylvania. Each design is unique to its organization or club and the DRC’s rosette is no exception.


As each example has to be made by hand, we would very much like to have a precise count of rosettes, so they can be made from our existing pattern on file with Dexter. 


In recent years, the our members have enjoyed wearing them on their lapels, either while on the road at other clubs or at home in the company of visiting guests or members as a casual nod to our membership in the Detroit Racquet Club or an alternative to the customary blazer patch. 

  • About Dexter Rosettes

    Dexter Rosettes is the exclusive U.S. manufacturer of hand-crafted custom rosettes. Our rosettes are the highest quality in design and materials, and are made in America by Americans.

    Discreet and charming, rosettes reveal with subtle reverence that you’re part of something bigger. That you belong.  That you’ve arrived. That your efforts and contributions have made a difference.  Easily worn on jackets or sweaters by men and women, or simply added to an important collection, rosettes commemorate the affiliations of your life.

Expected to be shipped this summer
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