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The Racquets Ladder Is Live!

To access the Racquets Ladder click here or via the Athletics Tab under Racquets Ladder.

Steve will be updating the Racquets Ladder on the Club's Bulletin Board as play continues.

To challenge: text or email the player you are challenging as well as Steve Toseland to ensure scheduling availability and timing.

Steve Toseland:

Email: pro@detroitracquetclub.com

Text Only: (313)646-5755


  • Players may challenge 1 or 2 places above their own place as they choose.

  • You may only challenge the same player from the same positions on the ladder once a week.

  • If you win the match, you move to the position of the player you beat and he moves down one place.

  • A player who has been challenged has 2 days to accept the challenge and the match must be played within 5 days. EXCEPT, if the challenged player has already challenged and defended that week.

  • Reasonable instances for being unable to play will be considered but constant unavailability will result in the player forfeiting and moving down the ladder.


FORMAT Players ranked 1-10.........best of 5 games. Players ranked 11 down....best of 3 games. If #11 or #12 play #10......best of 5 games.

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